Galleryrifle Shooting in the UK

The 2020 GR&P National Open Championships


The 2020 GR&P Nationals will run on the original advertised weekend – 5-6 September 2020. Various modifications to the format of the competition will be in place for obvious reasons and will be provided to competitors and Range Officers nearer the time.

Range crew – as usual – will be required. Please volunteer if you can – its great fun

Please volunteer your services for RO the Nationals

For more details and entry forms (due out Wednesday 29th July) see…

NRA Web Site


IGRF SA 2019

The International Gallery Rifle Federation hosted in South Africa in 2019

A video Documentary of the IGRF Gallery Rifle World Championships held in South Africa in 2019.

Watch on YouTube here

Pre Season Virtual T&P1 Inter-club Competition


Published below are results for full team scores sent in. The current situation we find ourselves in means there is little point in continuing this at the moment. Full set of individual scores can be found here.

This was an aggregate of a T&P1 SB and a T&P1 CF. Individual shooter’s scores for both totalled and (for teams of 5) lowest score dropped. Max score per team 2400.240

1 2398.168 Aldershot Arthritic
2 2395.156 Team Sigma
3 2394.156 Ham and Eggs
4 2388.150 Frome Feathers
5 2386.132 Team Harbour House
6 2385.124 Aldershot Athletic
7 2381.137 Two Rivers
8 2381.123 JSPC Blue
9 2363.096 Bristol & District
10 2352.000 LMR A
11 2350.093 Ham and Chips
12 2342.092 Teignbridge and District
13 2339.102 Aberdeen RPC
14 2318.084 Louisa Centre
15 2313.000 LMR B

A pre season virtual club competition is proposed.

A team competition

We are looking for teams of 5 shooters from any local club to enter a friendly pre-season Timed and Precision 1 (T&P1) event which can be shot in the comfort of your own club. Each shooter to submit a GRCF T&P1 score and a GRSB T&P1 score. Scores from all shooters will be summed and the lowest score dropped to produce a total team score out of 2400 points.

Shoot your matches any time between now and the deadline (see below).

General rules below

  • Teams of 5 shooters from each club required. If a club can muster more than one team of 5 – even better
  • Each shooter to shoot a GRCF competition and a GRSB competition
  • Scores from each shooter’s GRCF and GRSB target will be summed to produce a score out of 600
  • All individual scores summed and the lowest score dropped to produce a total score out of 2400
  • Shoot the events any time between now and the deadline
  • Scores Submission deadline – 1st March 2020 25th March 2020
  • Results published when all scores are in.

Submit teams now – someone has volunteered to admin the comp.

The Great Britain Gallery Rifle Team for 2020

GB Gallery Rifle TeamMoving into the 2020 season the GB Gallery rifle team has a new captain and Vice captain. Taff Wilcox steps down after two seasons which included a tour to compete in the IGRF Worlds in South Africa in late 2019.

Gary Bowden takes over as captain with Phil Wood as Vice. The 2020 season is considered a ‘standard’ season according to the new captain. Tours to Ireland in the Summer and Germany in early Winter will take place. The traditional Phoenix meeting home match will also take place at the end of May where we hope to host as many of the IGRF nations as possible.

The 2021 season sees the return of the biennial IGRF World Championships to the UK. Objectives for team GB for 2020 is to solidify and enhance all aspects of team interaction and performance to represent the nation in these world championships.

The Squad

The teams for our 3 International shoots in 2020 will be a selection from the following squad

Gary Bowden

Gary Bowden  captain


Phil Wood vice-captain






Chris West
Jonathan Cormie
Jake Mossom
Rob Wheeler
Keith Kilvington
Andrew Summers
Norman Veitch
Mel Beard
James Starley
Taff Wilcox
Gerry Betteridge
Steve Lamb
Colin McMichael
Peter Watts
Mornè Van Dalen
Keith Cox
Fraser Hay
Robert J Tonner
David Guest

Supporting Committee

A slightly larger supporting committee for 2020 with a view to spreading the overhead of administration away from the team.

Jacky Lamb – Adjutant
Ashley Dagger – Coordinator
Neil Francis – I.T and Social Media
Jim Smith – Fund Raising and Marketing
Anita Bowden – Fund raising
Dave Holt – Armorer
Ted George – Gallery Rifle rep

2020 Standards

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2020 Standards

Standards for various events shot at the Phoenix meeting have been reviewed for the 2020 season. There are various changes across the board.  These will be published in the 2020 GR&P/Phoenix booklet and are also referenced at the link below.

2020 GR&P/Phoenix Standards


2020 Classifications

Classifications for the 2020 season have changed.  In summary:

  • T&P1 GRSB and GRCF changed from 3 classes to 5 classes
  • Multi-Target GRSB and GRCF changed from 3 classes to 5 classes
  • Advancing Target GRSB and GRCF changed from 3 classes to 5 classes
  • Bianchi GRSB and GRCF changed from 5 classes to 3 classes
  • 1020 GRSB and GRCF introducing 3 classes

See the details of the classification changes

Additionally competitor’s classifications are now decided on scores achieved over the last 3 seasons – not their complete historic record. The three year window will continuously roll forward on a competition by competition basis. So for the start for the 2020 season only registered scores from 2017, 2018 and 2019 seasons are being considered

The chances are your classifications will have changed. Check them here.  Or download a complete spreadsheet of everybody’s classifications here. Your classifications may look wrong – especially in the T&P, M-T and Advancing target events. Barring the odd glitch that may have crept in they chances are they are not. Changing to 5 divisions and bounding to the last three years of scores data will have changed things a fair bit. You can check the score that achieved the classification you are in at the historic scores database.

GB Gallery Rifle Captain for 2020

Only one nomination was received. Paperwork and submission has been passed over to NRA Council for acknowledgement. 

Gary Bowden will be the Gallery Rifle Captain for 2020

GB FlagThe GB Gallery Rifle team compete on the world circuit and take part in at least three International shoots a year. Team captains are appointed on an annual basis.

Nominations are now being sought for the Great Britain Gallery Rifle Captain for the 2020 season. The team will compete in IGRF international competitions at Bisley (May), Ireland (July) and Germany (November) in 2020.

Nominations should be sent to Georgina Thatcher who will forward to the NRA Secretary General and has to be received by Friday 20 December 2019. Nomination forms are here:

MS Word (doc) | PDF

Nominees must be full Members of the NRA for a minimum continuous period of 3 years (12 months in the case of under 25 members) before they become eligible for nomination and must remain so during the entire period of appointment.

Nominations must be supported by signatures of three (3) NRA Members.

Nominations will be reviewed by NRA Council and a list of approved candidates determined from the nominations at their next meeting in January or February 2020. The NRA will then advise the Discipline Representative of the Council’s approved candidate(s).

Bianchi Classification modifications for 2020

The decline of the Bianchi over the last few years means running 5 classes is very hard to justify. The GRSB/GRCF will move to 3 classes in 2020 with the breakpoints as below.


X 1865-1920




1895-1920 1825-1920
A 1811-1864



1801 – 1889

1750-1894 1750-1824
B 1746-1810

up to 1700


up to 1800

up to 1749 up to 1749
C 1600-1745 1725-1814
D up to 1599 up to 1724

Classes 2020


Classes 2020

Its been proposed the classification structure be looked at for a few events next season. The popular events of T&P1, Multi-Target and Advancing Target are currently offered in 3 classes for rifles. Its proposed they may benefit from 5. Bianchi is not very popular at the moment so its proposed knocking that back to 3. Also the 1020 event is gaining traction so offering this in 2 or 3 classes is also a possibility.

Additionally we have always classed people on their complete historic record. This isn’t really sensible any more so from 2020 the classification boundaries will be bounded to the last 5 or 3 years worth of scores. Which is better?

If anyone is interested some easy to visualize stats spreadsheets are here for people to look at –

See the stats


Final 2019 GR&P Ranking Tables

RankingsThe Final Ranking tables of 2019 are now published.

18 meetings eligible for a ranking entry were shot throughout the 2019 season.  The final event of the season was the FDPC Rimfire Festival – shot on the 23rd November. The newest event was the inaugural Chelmsford Open Weekend shot the weekend before – 16/17 November.

For the last few seasons the main events ranked have been the popular T&P1, Multi-Target and 1500 competitions.

Ranking tables for next season are set to be enhanced and expanded to cover more or less all the events shot at all meetings.

Post AAW Ranking Tables

RankingsThe post Autumn Action Weekend (AAW) Ranking tables are now published.

For some the season is over. Traditionally the AAW has been the last ranking competition of the season. However two more events are now offered in November. For others the chance is there to get your averages up even higher.

Final ranking tables will be published after the FDPC RFF event at the end of November.

Ranking tables for next season are set to be enhanced and expanded.

The 2019 HCNM Match – Bisley

Here are the declared teams shooting for England, Scotland and Wales at the head to head HCNM match on Saturday 31 August 2019 – Melville ranges, Bisley:

Alan Podevin Glenn Gordon Terry Fry
Phil Wood Graeme Dodds Kevin Mayo
Jim Smith Charles Bestwick Gerry Betteridge
Peter Watts Leslie Kong Ian Price
Dave Morrow   Jo Pugh
Jake Mossom Norman Veitch Andy Summers
Gary Bowden Jonny Cormie Taff Wilcox
David Guest Bill Pow Jon Avetoomyan
Keith Kilvington Stuart Russell Christian Bartlett
Jim Starley   Rob Wheeler


And the Results


  1. England  – 3324.243
  2. Wales    – 3310.241
  3. Scotland – 3279.185


    T+P 1 Multi Total
  Team Score Score Score
783 Peter Watts 300.25 120.2 420.45
330 Phil Wood 300.13 118.18 418.27
304 Dave Morrow 300.19 116.09 416.28
180 Alan Podevin 299.2 116.13 415.33
683 Jim Smith 297.21 111.1 408.31
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)
52 Gerry Betteridge 300.20 118.17 418.37
177 Terry Fry 300.23 117.12 417.35
105 Andy Summers 300.21 115.10 415.31
340 Christian Bartlett 299.12 113.14 412.26
378 Kevin Mayo 288.14 110.08 398.22
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)
219 Graeme Dodds 298.15 115.13 413.28
987 Charles Bestwick 299.13 114.09 413.22
176 Leslie Kong 297.09 112.12 409.21
234 Glenn Gordon 296.17 110.12 406.29
0 (no fifth shooter) 0 0 0
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)


    T+P 1 Multi Total
  Team Score Score Score
275 Jake Mossom 299.16 119.13 418.29
326 Keith Kilvington 299.20 115.11 414.31
325 Jim Starley 296.13 116.14 412.27
288 Gary Bowden 297.14 114.09 411.23
261 David Guest 299.15 107.10 406.25
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)
339 Joseph Pugh 299.18 117.15 416.33
142 Taff Wilcox 300.13 115.11 415.24
320 Rob Wheeler 298.18 113.12 411.30
154 Jon Avetoomyan 298.14 108.11 406.25
341 Maria Bartlett 264.02 102.08 366.10
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)
205 Jonny Cormie 298.17 116.13 414.30
311 Norman Veitch 296.09 113.10 409.19
283 Bill Pow 298.11 110.08 408.19
322 Stuart Russell 295.10 112.07 407.17
0 (no fifth shooter) 0 0 0
Total Team Score (best 4 of 5)

The 2019 Chelmsford Winter Action Weekend

A late entry to the calendar but a fully classified meeting on offer. The 2019  Chelmsford Winter Action Weekend will be held over the weekend of the 16th and 17th November 2019.

For the first time in a very long time, Chelmsford Rifle Club is pleased to announce that it is hosting a full weekend of action shooting. Sadly no camping but plenty of parking and lunch will be included for all. Indoor shooting and a comfortable lounge to keep out of the cold if we have an early winter.

T&P1, Multi Target, 1020, WA48, in all categories. Possibly TP3 and Phoenix A if there is a call for it. Match to be held at CHELMSFORD (1944) RIFLE CLUB, Chelmsford, Essex. For more details contact Paul Joyce

Enter on-line here


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The Ranking Tables have been updated pre-nationals. See here for the full PDF

1 1198.072 3114 Norman Veitch
2 1196.069 2886 Gary Bowden
3 1196.061 2832 William Pow
4 1196.048 2613 David Guest
5 1195.055 3267 Keith Kilvington

1 1200.108 2886 Gary Bowden
2 1200.107 783 Peter Watts
3 1200.099 3267 Keith Kilvington
4 1200.099 3114 Norman Veitch
5 1200.099 3044 David Morrow

1 1199.074 3114 Norman Veitch
2 1197.065 3428 Steve Lane
3 1196.064 783 Peter Watts
4 1195.036 1837 Marek Pawlik
5 1194.025 2613 David Guest

1 1194.054 1837 Marek Pawlik
2 1185.036 683 Jim Smith
3 1184.048 3428 Steve Lane
4 1184.046 164 Phil Cowling
5 1182.025 2329 Robert Tonner

1 472.062 3114 Norman Veitch
2 465.050 2753 Jake Mossom
3 464.041 2055 Jonathan Cormie
4 464.032 3203 Robert Wheeler
5 464.031 2886 Gary Bowden

1 476.069 2886 Gary Bowden
2 475.050 3308 Phil Wood
3 474.040 3267 Keith Kilvington
4 474.033 2613 David Guest
5 473.065 3114 Norman Veitch

1 471.056 3114 Norman Veitch
2 470.049 3428 Steve Lane
3 466.037 783 Peter Watts
4 464.046 1837 Marek Pawlik
5 460.044 2330 Robert J. Tonner

1 459.030 632 John Robinson
2 443.031 1837 Marek Pawlik
3 438.037 1773 Morne Van Dalen
4 438.035 3428 Steve Lane
5 437.028 683 Jim Smith

1500 GRSB
1 5928.411 1990 Chris West
2 5926.262 3308 Phil Wood
3 5923.367 2886 Gary Bowden
4 5911.348 2055 Jonathan Cormie
5 5905.388 2753 Jake Mossom

1500 GRCF
1 5981.348 632 John Robinson
2 5969.321 1990 Chris West
3 5961.321 3203 Robert Wheeler
4 5961.318 2886 Gary Bowden
5 5960.411 3308 Phil Wood

1500 LBP
1 5961.389 632 John Robinson
2 5899.250 783 Peter Watts
3 5897.351 3428 Steve Lane
4 5863.208 443 P Lacey
5 5767.112 913 Ryan Wiggins

1500 LBR
1 5961.389 632 John Robinson
2 5899.250 783 Peter Watts
3 5897.351 3428 Steve Lane
4 5863.208 443 P Lacey
5 5767.112 913 Ryan Wiggins

The 2019 Derby Open Meeting

Results for Derby 2019 now available

Derby OpenThe Derby Open took place from mid day Friday 21st June to Sunday 23rd June.

2019 was not a record breaker but there were 106 competitors and over 950 events  shot. It was fantastic to see 14 new faces, some completely new to the competition circuit.

With it being our 50th anniversary we increased the budget for the prize table and I think you will agree that it was excellent with numerous high value prizes to be chosen. This was also due to the extraordinary support from the ten sponsors who supported the meeting. It is worth mentioning them by name (below) as they deserve our thanks and having confidence in our sport. Please support them in return.

The Home Countries International Match was won by Wales, congratulations. England won the Pistol and Revolver matches. Winner team members were presented with Brownells medals. The scores are included at the end of the results file.

The Man v Man LBP event was won by Ryan Wiggins with Gary Bowden second. The Man v Man rifle event was won by Jake Mossom with Chris West as runner up.

The Mini McQueen was won by Jake Mossom.


The Derby Open is a team effort and would not be possible without the 30 or so Range Crew who worked unbelievably hard over the weekend. Special thanks go to Team Smoothy, Trim, Neil and other visitors for their help and not forgetting the guys in Stats who produced the final results in record time, and most importantly Pam & Mick on the BBQ.

Photos of the weekend will be on very soon

We hope you all enjoyed everything, and the weather was OK too.



The Derby Open is sponsored by: